The History of Snowboarding!

22 Apr

While most people view snowboarding as a highly commercialized action sport.  Few rarely comprehend the history that goes along with it.  Snowboarding made its big debut in 1929 when a man named Jack Burchett invented one of the first hand made “snowboards.”  This was essentially a plank of wood with a clothes line attached.  It’s not until 1965 that Sherman Poppen invites the famous snurfer.  The snurfer was actually two skies lashed together with a rope tied to the front.  The only issue with it was that it was viewed by the public as a toy.  Then, in 1977 as a result of Poppen’s efforts snowboard legends Jake Burton and Tom Sims invented the first snowboards that had bindings attached to the boards  This changed the game for snowboarders everywhere.  Snowboarding was no longer a child’s leisure activity.  It was now a respected action sport.  The rest is history!



State of Shred: Maine

17 Apr


Last January a group of buddies and myself embarked on a road trip to northern Maine to film The State of Shred: Maine for Yobeat.  It was one of the best trips I took all season and some of my best friends Drew Amatto and Ryan Sheetz ended up coming out with some really great content.  The conditions were icy and our living quarters were packed, but we all made the best of it.

 Check the article out at Yobeat!

The Catfish Chronicles

16 Apr


My best friend and room mate Chas Truslow is a 22 year old Graphic Design Major at Champlain College.  When Chas is not spending his time with his head in the books you can find this young man scouring the Internet in search of the best snowboard and skateboard videos.  His blog is by far one of the best websites out there that provides viewers with unbiased snowboard & skateboard video content.  Head on over to his blog and check it out!


YAWGOONS Best Edit Of The Year!

3 Apr

Eastern Boarder presents the 13th annual Last Call!

2 Apr

April Fools!

1 Apr

Mad River Glen Acquires Mount Ellen?

Mad River Glen Co-op owners met in an emergency session last night to finalize a deal that may surprise Vermont and the ski industry in general.

Following a 4 hour closed-door meeting, Mad River Glen president Jamey Wimble announced that the Cooperative’s 1801 shareholders have decided to buy Sugarbush Resort’s Mount Ellen base a

rea. “We have been toying with this idea for years. What with the similar terrain and conditions, not to mention the geographically proximity, all it took was some smart saving, a great ski season and bold thinking to make it happen.”

Eric Friedman, Mad River Glen’s longtime Director of Marketing, seemed excited at the possibilities: “The cool side benefit of this deal is that we finally get to offer snowboarders a place for to play without disturbing the pristine beauty that is Mad River Glen. We’ll open up trails for skiers and riders without upsetting either of them.”

Snowboarding at Mad River GlenEric went on to describe the Co-op would be asking shareholders to reinvest approximately $750 each to help finance a new single chair cross- mountain lift named Dromedary. “In keeping with our friendly nature, we plan on building a high-speed single chair that will connect the two mountains through Mount Ellen’s Brambles Woods and over to MRG’s Lower Antelope. You’ll be able to wait in line at Mad River Glen ‘s Single Chair bumping into old friends and then ride up quietly alone to the peak, ski down part way and then ride another, slightly faster chair to the top of Inverness at Mount Ellen.”

He continued, “and yes, before you ask, Mount Ellen will be Snowboard-only!”

Asked how the new connector might work with the mountain-specific equipment rules, he responded, “there are still some operational details that need to be worked out.”

New Dromedary connector at Mad River Glen

Mad River Glen officials refused to comment on Act 250 permit details or what plans they had to handle the environmental impacts on the fisher cat habitat in the Camels Hump State forest.

When asked for comments, Susan Klein, the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director responded via email with a single sentence: “For the time being, we are going to be excited for the upcoming possibilities this merger brings to the Mad River Valley.”


My Big Acting Debut!

26 Mar